Thursday, September 11, 2008

A quick note on 9-11

Just a quick note to our readers in the US and around the world about 911 as observed in the US...we at The JOH want to say emphatically that we are about love, reconciliation, non-violent prevention and alternatives to any manner of violence (including by the government) for ALL of humanity. Watch during the coming days for stories and reports that bear this out. One is an announcement about a wonderful award that our own Micki has received for her JOH in Texas film "Step by Step" -- a peace award at that! Watch for more soon...We commend the many groups, people and movements which -- from the first report of the twin towers falling until today-- continue to say: killing in response to killing never works--not for long--not in such a way as to lift up our world and our brothers & sisters across the globe. Add your 9-11 considerations to the Comments and/or send them to us via Connie at

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