Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why Montana? (for the upcoming Journey)/Ron on the Candidates and DP

The Journey of hope this year will be in Montana courtesy of our hosts the Montana abolition coalition.

We have the distinct opportunity to help them become the next state to ban the government killing of its citizens.

We will be there in October. The elections will be in November. The legislative sessions are held for 90 days every 2 years and only in odd numbered years . Sessions begin in January of 2009 when we will know if we win or not. This is our only shot for two years. Of course this all will depend on just who gets elected in November. I have a very good feeling about this. I really think we will win this one.

There will be a bill draft for the abolition of the death penalty, but the bill number will not be assigned until the session starts.

There are currently 2 men on death row and the state has murdered 3 since 1943.

Montana failed by only one vote last time. I hope that though our diligent work and dedication that we will be able to be a major force in turning the tide of public opinion. This opinion of course will elect the legislators in November. Hopefully we can educate the populace on the death penalty and persuade them to vote only for Anti-Death penalty candidates. Remember what Justice Thurgood Marshall said. Most people in the U.S today do not have the information that is crucial to making a decision on the death penalty. If they ever did, they would not support it.

This is our job, it is what we do. We educate people through our speeches and presentations. Many of whom have never had their lives touched by the death penalty and thus know nothing about it. If we do our jobs right we will win them over.

Montana is a beautiful state. Marietta and I were there on a speaking tour earlier this year. People, complete strangers actually nodded their heads and said "Hi " while passing on the street. The Montana coalition has planned some much needed, fun side trips for us for some periodic R & R.

We will be there from Oct 2 through Oct. 11th. That gives us only 10 days to win the entire state. I can hardly wait.

Lemme at em.
Ron Keine

"I am pleading for a time when hatred and cruelty will not control the hearts of men, when we can learn by reason and judgment and understanding and faith that all life is worth saving, and that mercy is the highest attribute of man.” ----- Clarence Darrow
We hope to have more from and on Ron! I really enjoyed getting to know him during the Texas Journey and am continually challenged and surprised by what he has to offer. I heard that he made powerful and compelling presentations with Marietta in Montana recently. I know he will find a way to meet people on their own turf and turn them into listeners and friends.
RON on CANDIDATES and the Death Penalty:

There many issues voters need to consider in this presidential campaign. However as this is an anti-death penalty site, I would like to discuss that issue only.

Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin are all in favor of the death penalty. There had been much discussion about which one may be most in favor of executing our citizens and
which one may be least in favor. Unless someone possesses the powers of a claravoiant, we do not know as there is no factual evidence of any candidate declaring just how zealous they may or may not be on executing human beings.

Make no mistakes. All four of them are Pro-capital punishment. Since the next president is likely to appoint Supreme Court justices, it is crucial that we understand the issue.

Obama is the only one which I feel will appoint anti-death penalty judges. None of the others will do that. For this reason I will be voting for him in November.

I have had many people ask me "How can the Democrats and the Republicans both be for the death penalty?

Some people still believe in the myth that Republicans are pro-death penalty and Democrats are anti-death penalty. There are many liberal Republicans and many conservative Democrats. In Michigan, where I live, There is no death penalty. Until recently Republicans have been the majority and thus ran the state. In 1973 we had a constitutional convention and only one single solitary legislator voted yes on the question of should we have the death penalty.

As long as we draw this line in the sand, we make it a partisan issue. If we make it a partisan issue, we alienate the other side. We will never win our cause without winning these people over to our side. We need them. This is why we go out and speak for hours and hours, Travel all over the world, Spend all our disposable cash and time. We do this to win the Pro death penalty people over to our side. I don't care if they are black, white, yellow, red, green or purple. I don't care if they believe in Christ, Allah, Odin, Zeus, many gods or no god at all. I don't care if they are Democrat, Republican or one of the many other obscure parties. I don't want to alienate them, I am not going to talk bad about them. I want them on our side.

When we meet a pro-death penalty person let's greet him openly. Talk to him like a friend , give him a hug. convince him to listen to us and hopefully we can educate him on the Death penalty. If we insult him, chant goofy slogans and talk bad about his Party leaders or his beliefs , He won't be open to listen to us. We not only lost him but sent him running to the other side.

Also. Let us not get caught up in all the negative campaigning that both sides are engaged in. The majority of it is just a bunch of opinions or lies. many times making a big issue out of something that means nothing. I don't want a candidate to tell me what is bad about his opponent. I want him to tell me about what he will do to better this country.

According to my local police department (I just called them) There are many actual fist fights over candidates issues. People actually beat each other up over political
discussions. The number of arrests grow as the election nears.

Let us not get caught up in violence or spread ill feelings over this election. Our time would be more efficient if we concentrated on (politely. with smiles and discourse) win people over to our side and get them to vote for our candidate.

Ron Keine

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