Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Journey Musings

Soon we will more and more be turning to Montana to show you THE JOURNEY OF HOPE in Action. Please come back often for Journey Updates on this exciting new Montana Journey!

Meantime, just a few musings are in order after the dramatic highs and lows of yesterday in two death chambers, USA...Georgia and Florida...

Susanne, co-blogger, placed an astute comment under the tragic pieces posted from reports about Dorothy Harris who was Henyard's victim in so many ways, both because she was raped and nearly killed and as the mother of the two children he evidently murdered...

NOTE: Her's was a reply to "Anonymous" (before Florida's execution September 23, 2008):

Anonymous wrote in comments space: "Henyard's very existence is appalling. The girls are dead; he is not, and the state is about to rectify that injustice."

IN REPLY, Blogger Susanne said...

"Dear anonymous,

You might have noticed that we do publish all (comments)... no matter if they are Pro or against the DP as long as they are written without bad words...

I'm thinking of the girl's mom. She surely was a victim. She got raped and shot and HER children are dead. But from her we read...

"It won't bring back my girls,"..."Lewis remarked that if she demanded Henyard's execution, she'd be no better than the 18-year-old "

SHE surely does not want this execution. All she seems to want is to leave all of this behind her. But even of this possibility the state of Florida stripped her. If Henyard would have been sentenced to life in prison everything would have been over with years ago and she would not have had to live through lots of appeals and letters constantly reminding her.

So the state of Florida totally neglected the victim's wishes and by doing so victimized her for a second time.

I think she is a really remarkable woman. After all she's been through--picking up life again and preaching love. And my sorrow really goes out to her, not only because of what Henyard has done to her but also because of what the state of Florida has been doing to her for 15 years!"
Please scroll below and the the right for the archives for more items like this and different and also don't forget to check out the good sites listed under links! Especially at this time--when there is a regular "killing field" going on across America with so many states refusing to question the reason, general fairness and assumed value of the death penalty.

In such crucial times as these, let's put our funding, energies, skills and creativity into ending poverty, preventing crime, reducing guns, providing much more support for families and children, free and low-cost ongoing education for all ages--including parenting, cultural understanding, sociology, prisons, justice, mediation and relationship skills--not matter what and other programs which will elevate our society like executions never will.

And finally, let's listen to those who know what they are talking about just like the powerful speakers who've been on death row, experienced the murder of beloved family members, been through or are facing execution of dear family--and others who speak across the nation: The Family of The Journey of Hope.

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