Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New book:
Execution's Doorstep: True Stories of the Innocent and Near Damned

by Leslie Lytle

The stories of five men unfairly condemned to death.

Execution’s Doorstep tells the true stories of five lives trapped in a living nightmare: sentenced to die for a crime they didn’t commit. Since capital punishment was reinstated in the mid 1970’s, over 120 individuals have been proven wholly innocent of the crimes for which they were sentenced to death. But this statistic, as horrifying as it is, does not begin to tell the whole story.

Leslie Lytle confronts the human suffering behind these miscarriages of justice in her effort to reveal how and why they occurred. Drawing on extensive interviews and archival research, Lytle guides the reader through the fateful crimes, the arrests, the trials, the incarcerations, the struggles to prove innocence, and the difficult readjustments to life in the free world. Execution’s Doorstep is more than a gripping human-interest story. As Lytle shows, the criminal justice and capital punishment systems that we have established to promote an ethical society are fallible; subject to the same, incompetencies, petty corruptions, and politicizations that all human institutions are prone. As we relive these heart-rending stories of innocents damned, this book poses a simple question: can we trust the life and death of any man to a system run by men?

The five men whose stories are told in Execution's Doorstep will share in proceeds from sales.

About the author: Leslie Lytle has an M.A. from Antioch University, serves on the board of the Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing, as a staff writer for the community newspaper, Sewanee Mountain Messenger, Sewanee, Tennessee, and as editor of Local Action and Beyond, the journal of the Cumberland Center for Justice and Peace. She was recently appointed the Center’s executive director.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Ron Keine and I approve of this message. This book is factual and written with the full cooperation and blessings of we exonorees.

Ron Keine