Friday, September 26, 2008

SC STAY OF EXECUTION ! Updates //New Scheduled Executions

Sept. 30 SOUTH CAROLINA----stay of impending execution

Stay Of Execution Issued For Man Convicted Of Killing Greenville Clerk

A South Carolina man set to die this week for killing a store clerk has
been granted a stay of execution from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Chief Justice John Roberts signed the stay Tuesday, giving Freddie E.
Owens' attorney time to prepare an appeal of the case to the nation's high

The 30-year-old Owens had been scheduled to die Friday in South Carolinas
death chamber in Columbia.

The stay grants Owens time to prepare an appeal. It does not say anything
about the merits of Owens' case or even if the court will agree to hear

Owens has been sentenced to death 3 separate times...His 1st 2 sentences were overturned.

(source: Associated Press) SEE more at Death Penalty News Rick Halperin & Updates link Lower Right at this site

For Information on SC events please contact: anna(at), 843-312-9741
UPDATE: Reminder to call your broadcasters to see if questions on the death penalty can be asked of the vice-presidential candidates before the debate: Thursday

Last week...
Time for your Dear Jim Lehrer letters & calls...ask death penalty questions for BOTH Candidates...a time to bring up costs as well...for tonight's 9 pm ET debate--be sure to bring up Troy's case among so many other issues. You can get the debates also on National Public Radio and call in your questions there as well...Please do it with your name & state as well as in our name, We the People...

Call Governor and Board of Pardon & Paroles to object to the state killing of
Dennis Skillicorn in Mo. Execution scheduled September 27.

Please also call the Governor and Board of Pardon & Paroles in SC to object to the killing by the state on Oct 3 of Freddie Owens ACT NOW! Watch here for the notice of events.

Here are so many more....please do similarly for each of these...there are some petitions available with an easy search here on this site for Gregory Wright, Tx and for others here or check links or search engine...

Oct 7: Briley Piper, SD - ACT NOW!
Oct 14: Richard Cooey, OH - ACT NOW!
Oct 16: Kevin Watts, TX - ACT NOW!
Oct 21: Joseph Ries, TX - ACT NOW!
Oct 28: Eric Nenno, TX - ACT NOW!
Oct 30: Gregory Wright, TX - ACT NOW!

NEW VOICES: Former U.S. Attorney Cites Improper Pressure in Use of Federal Death Posted: September 26, 2008 Former U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton expressed relief that the Justice Department is no longer seeking to execute a defendant in the case that was cause for his termination. Charlton told the Associated Press that he did not think the government had sufficient evidence to pursue the death penalty in the prosecution of Jose Rios Rico. Charlton's boss, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, wanted him to pursue it anyway and testified to a Senate panel that he fired Charlton over his “poor judgment” in the case.

NEW RESOURCES: The Espy File on Executions to Become Part of National Archive
Posted: September 25, 2008 The files on executions in America compiled by noted historian M Watt Espy, Jr are to become part of the National Death Penalty Archive located at the State University of New York at Albany. The Espy collection, entitled “Executions in America,” documents more than 15,000 executions in the United states dating back to 1608 and colonial Jamestown. Among the unique materials are handwritten ledgers with an alphabetical listing of executed individuals by state and by date from the 1600’s through 1995 and over 1,000 books.

Look forward to an article next timed just for the FIRST DEBATE on the Candidates & the Death Penalty and keeping our abolition bi-partisan "cool" by our own JOH Ron Keine...coming on this site very soon!

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