Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hold Jessie Cummings (and all affected) in Oklahoma In the Light Tonight

Sept 25* Jessie Cummings Execution Scheduled OKLAHOMA (check later at
Death Penalty News & Updates, Rick Halperin's site --Link on this site)

Sept 29* Troy Davis This is the new date set until/unless court finds Davis
innocent or new date is set. GEORGIA

October 3 Freddie Owens (more info coming) SOUTH CAROLINA


Anonymous said...

This is an insane vile action in executing Jessie Cummings whose killing motives were not proven and really may have been innocent. Americans and Oklahomans have a sickening bad fault of executing the wrong people and deserve punishment themselves for their reckless actions!

Linda said...

I think healing needs to occur for all parties. Innocence is not even the question. The need is for a cycle of violence to end and not to be perpetuated by a system. I pray for peace for everybody involved. Killing is never justified.... Jessie was a good man in my world.